Vol. 3 No. 2 (2024): Theology, Culture and Local Wisdom

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Theology and local culture are two interrelated things. The culture and local wisdom possessed by each ethnic group contain noble values that are in line with Christian values. In this latest edition, the Pambelum Theology Journal raised the theme "Theology, Culture and Local Wisdom" as a framework for exploring the treasury of theological values contained in various cultures and local traditions.

The first paper was written by Sudianto, Kinurung Maleh and Ripaldi which examines the dialogue on the value of "Mira Pakat" in the Dayak Maanyan culture with the theological values contained in Philippians 2:1-7. Then followed by an article from Christo Antusias Davarto Siahaan analyzing opportunities for women's ministry based on Galatians 3:28 through the Epistolary approach.

Furthermore, Lia Afriliani, Enta Malasinta Lantigimo, Keloso S. Ugak conducted a theological study of the Piwara'an Tradition in the Context of the Dayak Maanyan at the GKE Hosana IV PIR Congregation. Followed by Jefri Andri Saputra et al proposing a new perspective on the role of women in the perspective of the "pairan dapo" concept and the story of Abigail. Lastly, the writing from Tahan Mentria Cambah, Retni Mulyani, and Alexandra Binti also enriches readers' insights with a study on the "mangenta" tradition and its theological meanings for the Christian congregation.

Through the diversity of perspectives in this publication, the editor hopes that the noble values contained in local wisdom can continue to be explored and enrich the theological understanding of Christians in the country, specifically in Kalimantan. Thus, the liberating gospel of Christ can be increasingly experienced by society and church members.

Published: 29-02-2024