Peer Review Process

1. Reviews are conducted in a blind peer-review manner, where the identities of authors and reviewers are kept confidential from one another. Authors do not know who is reviewing the article, and vice versa, reviewers do not know the identities of the authors of the articles being reviewed.
2. Reviewers registered with Pambelum Journal of Theology are entitled to submit their articles to the Pambelum Journal of Theology for publication. Editors still adhere to the principle of blind peer-review so that articles submitted by authors registered as reviewers will be reviewed by other reviewers.
3. The editor-in-chief is permitted to review in accordance with their expertise.
4. Reviewers must have experience writing for reputable journals, have scholarly publication accounts, and although acting as reviewers for other journals, are still permitted to be reviewers.
5. Editors will decide whether the manuscript is accepted or rejected for publication during the pre-review process and/or after receiving recommendations from reviewers.