Author Guidelines


  1. The article has not been published or submitted to another journal previously.
  2. The article is original research or a review in Indonesian or English. Length is 20-25 pages including references.
  3. Author names are written in full without academic titles. Maximum 4 authors per article.
  4. Research article systematics: Title, author names and affiliations, correspondence email, abstract, keywords, introduction, methods, results and discussion, conclusions and suggestions, references.
  5. The title is maximum 14 words, concise, accurate, representing the content, no word repetition, written in Times New Roman 14pt font.
  6. The abstract is in Indonesian and English with Times New Roman 11 font, single spacing, maximum 200 words. The Indonesian version follows PUEBI. The abstract briefly covers the problem, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. The abstract is communicative and not monotonous.
  7. The introduction contains the background, literature review, topic significance, problem statement, and objectives. Written in Times New Roman 12pt font, 1.15 spacing.
  8. The results present the findings without data analysis and hypothesis testing. Can be presented in tables or graphs. Written in Times New Roman 12pt font, 1.15 spacing.
  9. The discussion addresses the problem, interprets the results, integrates with literature, and develops or modifies theory. Written in Times New Roman 12pt font, 1.15 spacing.
  10. Conclusions answer the research questions. Suggestions refer to practical actions based on the results, their intended audience and objectives. In essay not numeric form. Written in Times New Roman 12pt font, 1.15 spacing.
  11. Citations and references follow the 7th edition APA style. Use Mendeley application.
  12. Text is typed with 3 cm top margin, 3 cm bottom margin, 4 cm left margin, 3 cm right margin, A4 paper size, 0.5 in header, 0.5 in footer, no page numbers.
  13. Article content is in a single column format.
  14. Refer to the template example in OJS for complete information.